We built a grid for 3000 people living in Igbérè, a village in Benin

Benin map

The grid is live for 5 hours each day


We need your support! Join our community for electricity access!

Over 100 families, businesses and public services are connected to our minigrid

Jacques and Louise

They can light their homes and power any electrical appliance just as if they were in the city

S15 wiring box

Access for everyone

Free installation


Villagers access the grid using mobile money prepaid contracts that can be unlocked at any time by text message

GSM antenna

Families, entrepreneurs and public services

Everyone can finally access power, transforming their lives and taking advantage of countless opportunities

Julienne's shop

Entrepreneurs like Julienne can operate their shops in the evening and use fridges to preserve food.

TV - Elections night

Information about what is going on in the world and entertainment are now available on TV.

Arrissou operating his cereal mill
The Imam in his Mosque

The lighted mosque is now one of the fanciest gathering place in the village.

Electric cereal an pepper mills are also a good way to generate income.


Click on the pictures to discover the stories of the Humans Of Igbérè

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Our minigrid has reached operational break even from the start

Village meeting

We are proving that is is possible to bring electricity to the poorest people on the planet in a sustainable and profitable way


We need 20,000 supporters to launch a crowdfunding campaign and upgrade to solar energy. We will develop an optimal solution and replicate it in more remote villages!

An email address is enough to show your support right now!


Want to go further?


The more, the better. Get involved by giving the gift of time and friendship :)


It only costs $70 to provide someone with the infrastructure they need to access electricity.